Home Care Packages

Each person’s needs are unique, so it is important for you to see the right personalised care from someone you can trust.

These packages are designed to help families keep their loved ones at home, families willing to put some input into the care of their loved themselves.

Because who’s loved, they don’t need too much care. Personal care is just that, it is personal. Showering, changing of incontinence pads etc…, care the family normally cannot do.

Family Input Packages Weekly Price After Tax Relief
#1 One hour daily Mon-Fri €112.50 €66.37
#2 One hour daily Mon-Sun €147.50 €86.73
#3 Two hours daily Mon-Fri €200.00 €118.00
#4 Two hours daily Mon-Sun €266.00 €156.94

These are affordable home care packages that really can make a difference to your loved one’s life.