Emergency Care

The right information saves lives.

In an emergency, knowing the medical history of the patient can be the difference between life and death.
RTEmagicC_pips_015_01.JPGWe will ensure that all the up to the minute personal and medical information is available in a special pack, clearly marked to ensure that the right care and attention is administered.
Pfizer surveyed 1,000 people nationally and found that:

  • Over half of adult children said their parents were on a prescription medicine but 77% did not know the name of the medicine
  • 1 on 5 did not know the name of their parents’ GP
  • 72% worry about their parents’ safety and security

Within our emergency service all clients are independently assessed to find out their personal needs.

Our ICE (In Case of Emergency) plans include:

  • Full medical history
  • Medication plans
  • A list of family and friends contact details

We can provide emergency care at last minutes notice for our existing clients or as a one-off care to suit your needs.

What is a Personal Information Pack (PIP)?RTEmagicC_pips_005.JPG

A green cross sticker goes in very visible location on there front door, this indicates to ambulance or firemen that there is a PIP box located in their fridge, it contains all their personal information such as:

  • Allergies
  • Is the person an organ donor
  • Who should be contacted in case of an emergency
  • Medical details
    • Contact details of their GP and pharmacist
    • Respiratory History
    • Cardiac History
    • Diabetes
  • What Medication they are on
  • Etc

RTEmagicC_pips_026_02.JPGThe information is then placed in a water tight bag, then into the plastic PIP box.
The pack also comes with a green cross keyring and is recognised by all emergency services.