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“It is absolutey wonderful that I have someone to turn to that can help me. I think the carer getting Bart up is a major help to me. And when I call Sandra Cooney’s Home Care, I am reassured that whatever I want doing will be done. If I had not got help from Sandra Cooney’s Home Care, I could not look after Bart alone.”

Ann Connolly, Bart’s wife

"I have a voice"
A charity supporting people in dire need of help with care, people with no families to help them with everyday tasks

Home Care
Home Care
Home Care

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Overnight Home Care

Night time can have its own demands!

Is it overnight care what you need, so that you can sleep in peace, knowing that all is safe and well?


Maybe you can afford the time to spend all day caring for someone you love. You also need your sleep and we know how draining it can be if you are on duty all night as well!



Sleep better by calling 1890 500 005 or fill in our online form.


You can stay with your family member for the whole day but than you need to come back home and spend quality time with your own family as well. 


Read what other clients have said.


Overnight Care

  • Help in and out of bed
  • Monitor client during the night
  • Wash & dress next morning
  • Prepare breakfast & clean up  

So how can you set up an appointment Today?

  1. Call us now 1890 500 005 or fill in our online form
  2. At your appointment, we can discuss funding alternatives
  3. We will visit the person at home or at hospital 
  4. Decide how many nights you need overnight care.

You can sleep better knowing your loved ones are in good hands.



Home Care Tips

Do you qualify for HSE home care funding?

How to beat boredom at older age?

How to maintain good health?


28 pages of useful tips to help you look after your family member.

Get Now Free!


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Mc Grattan, Harry’s Wife:

“Despite our apprehension at the start, our carer Eduardo has made life for Harry so much better. He is a pleasure to have in our home and now we couldn’t do without him..”





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