Managing Director:

Liam Donnelly: “I get great job satisfaction knowing all of our clients are getting the best possible care, and I enjoy working with our great team of office staff and carers.”

General Manager:

Sandra Cooney: “I still really enjoy working in the community, meeting new clients and their families, it’s a pleasure.”

Office Manager/Care Co-Ordinator

Gillian Duggan: “Every day clients call our office just for a chat, it’s the best part of my job here.”


Karen Wright: “My job is to make sure our carers’ work is up to the best possible standards and all of our clients and carers are happy.”


Collette: “I love my job its so rewarding.”

Deirdre: “My clients treat me like their own Daughter!”

Vera: “It’s a pleasure to go to work now, I know there are people relying on me.”

Eduardo: “I have become great friends with Harry and his family and feel like part of their family.”